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幸运快三开奖结果SHB manages the complete product cycle: research and development, product design, tool design and manufacturing, and assembly and sale of the completed products. This allows SHB to have a superior control of quality and cost. SHB produces 80 percent of all motor components itself. Furthermore, SHB has many capabilities in house: a high-tech tooling department, a stamping department, a plastic injection department, a die-casting department, a fine machining department, fully automated e-coating and powder coating lines, multifunctional assembly lines, as well as a sophisticated test laboratory.


SHB has its own 30 person tooling department which allows for maximum flexibility and quality control.

Machining & Rolling

幸运快三开奖结果SHB operates over 25 sets of specialized machines like whirl wind milling and patented rolling machines.

Plastic Injection

More than 30 sets of automatic injection machines ranging from 20 to 88 tons.

Die Casting

20 sets of die casting machines ranging from 160 to 500 tons.

E-Coating & Powder Coating

幸运快三开奖结果Fully automated e-coating and powder coating lines.

CNC Bending

幸运快三开奖结果Over 12 sets of CNC bending machines which are capable of 3D bending processes.

Rubber Injection

Hi-tech rubber injection machinery imported from Japan.


More than 90 sets of stamping machines ranging from 15 to 400 tons.

Sub-Component Assembly

Automatic armature lines, PCB, wiper blade, wiper arm and wiper linkage assembly lines.

Motor & System Assembly

幸运快三开奖结果State of the art assembly lines guaranteeing 100% performance and noise check.

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