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SHB is closely associated to the automotive industry since 1986. It continuously developed a wide range of product categories, such as auto wiper system assembly, seating motors, alternators, window regulators, other automotive electrical appliance, carburetors, automatic sunroofs, wire forms, shafts, HDM, worms, sensors, and other variety of auto parts.

Original Equipment Manufacturing

SHB continuously expands its wide range of OE products, such as wiper systems, seating motors, window regulators, formed wire, worms, gears, etc.
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Aftermarket Products

SHB is also dedicated in aftermarket sales worldwide, providing products at OE quality level & competitive prices: wiper blades, wiper arms, alternators, window regulators, carburetors, sensors, filters, etc.
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SHB manages the complete product cycle, owning tooling, stamping, plastic injection, die-casting, machining departments, and automated e-coating, powder coating, and multifunctional assembly lines.
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